Receiving Your NFT

1. Receiving Your NFT

In order to get one of the 2500 NFTs that give the owner a lifetime share of 25% of the casino’s net profits, you first need to buy a minimum of $1000 worth of $Nummus tokens. When you do that, you will automically be sent an email to your verified email address, asking if you want to take part in the NFT offer.

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you must stake and lock the designated number of $Nummus Tokens for 365 days. By agreeing, the staking process will be done automatically by us, and you will then receive your NFT(s) in your wallet.
  • Qualify for NFT: Purchase a minimum of $1000 worth of $Nummus Tokens.
  • Confirm: You will receive an email for the NFT offer. Confirm that you want the NFT and are willing to stake your tokens.
  • Stake Tokens: Stake and lock your $Nummus Tokens for 365 days.
  • Receive NFT: Receive your NFT immediately in your wallet.

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